Oxyfusion Scalp Care

Oxyfusion Scalp Care


Feel the power of Pure Oxygen

Proven Effectiveness Against These Scalp Problems

Dry Scalp • Oily Scalp • Itchy Scalp • Dandruff

With this LIMITED TIME PACKAGE, you’ll get to enjoy our 5-Step OxyFusion Scalp Care therapy for ONLY RM98*!
• Detailed Scalp Analysis
  A professional consultant will bring you through your scalp analysis.
• Spa Scalp Wash
  Lay back and enjoy the most satisfying scalp wash.
• OxyFusion Scalp Care
  Our exclusive therapy that is 100% natural with no chemicals and no side effects. You’re welcome!
• Follicle Essence
  We’ve got the nutrients your scalp needs.
•  Signature Scalp Massage
  Ahh… The most relaxing way to end your scalp therapy session.
So, come visit us, relax and let us pamper you! Your scalp will thank us!

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